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How Learn It Live used an AI-powered chatbot to slash support tickets by 40%

How Learn It Live used an AI-powered chatbot to slash support tickets by 40%

Learn how one VP built the chatbot on Zapier in under an hour.

Zapier is the leader in no-code automation

More than 2.2 million businesses use Zapier for automation, and 93% of customers say using Zapier has made them better at their job.

"With Zapier doing the less creative work for us, we can actually focus on adding value through customer care rather than managing day-to-day operations."

—Tim Tieu, Global Community Marketing Manager at Asana

“What used to be a manual process now happens effortlessly, saving us time to focus on more valuable tasks. We can feel confident that our remarketing lists remain as fresh as our data.”

—Matt Grebow, Senior Manager of Demand Generation, ServiceTitan

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Zapier has helped over 2.2 million customers and businesses with their automation needs. Business around the world trust Zapier because of its:

  • 6,000+ app integrations—more than any other platform!
  • Flexible yet powerful features
  • Five-star customer reviews
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